Herddogies Calamity Jayne




"Red" is a Red Tri Miniature Australian Shepherd with a white muzzle and a blaze on her forehead and a white tuxedo on her chest, Red has white socks on front legs and a white bootie on her right hind foot. She is a lover and loves children. Everyone that comes around falls for red, we have had several offers to buy her because of her patience with kids. For a Mini Aussie she is very calm in the house but out doors she is ready for action.



Ready to rumble


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With Hendrix my grandson, she is a favorite of the grandchildren


Carousel Aussies - Herddogies-Calamity-Jayne-ready-getting-some-Lovin-from-Henrdix




Red at 18 months old


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Red at 7 weeks old