Herd About Texas Wild Bill Hickok

Little Man


"Little Man" is a black tri. He has a white muzzle with a white blaze on his forehead. He has a white tuxedo front chest. His markings are very striking with his Chrome and copper accents. His has the most soulful eyes that just drink you in. He loves everyone and loves to give kisses. He is a lady's man and a favorite of the girls who enjoy being pampered and groomed daily. We love him so much.


Little man's pedigree



Carousel Aussies-Herd-About-Texas-Wild-Bill-Hickok

15 months old


Carousel Aussies- Herd-About-Texas-Wild-Bill

9 months old with my granddaughter Dahlia



Carousel Aussies-Herd-About-Texas-Wild-Bill-HickokCarousel Aussies-Herd-About-Texas-Wild-Bill-Hickok

Little Man's puppy pictures