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Our Veterinarian




Chachere Veterinary Clinic has been serving Dayton since August 1984. Veterinarians, Dr. Luke Chachere and Dr. Lukas Chachere, are both graduates from Texas A&M University College Of Veterinary Medicine. We have a great staff: Gretchen, Scotty, Caleigh, Ashley, Emily, Stephanie & Jorge. Casey and Jessica, who, when needed, come to our rescue!
I feel so very thankful to have found Chachere Veterinary Clinic as they have gone above and beyond for me when I was actually quite new to the clinic and I will never forget the compassion they showed when my just over 1 month old foal got his leg twisted in the fence. I had no help to get Mammacita and my sweet little Gemini loaded to get him to the office. I drove down to the office frantic and in tears to see if they could make an emergency barn call.  They did not, but Gretchen who barely knew me asked me to wait so she could see if there was anything they could do. She left the front office and when she returned a couple of minutes later she told me that one of the girls boyfriend was off work and he would follow me out to my property to help me. I will never forget the kindness and compassion that I was shown that day. They not only helped me get them  in but offered to help me get them back to our property. It took months of care but Gemini is perfectly fine today thanks to the staff and the family members of the clinic. They know me very well today as all my precious babies, small and large get all their health needs met at the clinic.