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Red's Litter

Check out Red's "Herddogies Calamity Jayne" page  to view verified pedigree.

All puppies are raised with Puppy Culture!

Tri Female #1 - LuLu

LuLu is a perfectly marked black tri female with 2 brown eyes.  She is the smallest in the litter. She is expected to mature around 10 - 13 inches. LuLu is the life of the party and loves attention. She is smaller than her siblings, but is the boss. She is my husbands favorite.  Dog gone I may have to keep her she is so small.

She will be staying here


Tri Female #2 - Daisy

Daisy is a very uniquely marked dark red tri. She has blue eyes and is such a pretty little girl. Daisy should stay pretty small she and is second smallest in the litter. Daisy is a super sweet, carefree little girl. She is a relaxed, gentle, cuddle bug. I expect Daisy to mature to about 10 to 13 inches.

$1,400.00 Full/ $1,200.00 Pet   SOLD


Tri Female #3 - Miss Lee

Miss Lee is stocky with a nice blocky head and body. She is one of the biggest in the litter and is expected to be a large toy to small mini. Miss Lee has two brown eyes and reminds me of a little bear. Miss Lee is pretty calm, super sweet, and goes with the flow. Miss Lee is my pick of this litter, I am really thinking I need this girl.

$1,000.00 Full/ 900.00 Pet


Tri Male #1 (Pet Only) - Luke

Luke is offered as pet only (too much white on face). Some lucky person is going to get this nicely put together male, at a discounted price. Luke is stocky, a nice blocky head and body. He has an awesome personality and is so sweet. He loves to snuggle and give kisses. 

$750.00 Pet


Tri Male #2 - Bo

Bo is a very nice little red tri male and is the smallest of the red tri males. I expect him to be a large toy. He is very energetic, super friendly, and playful. 

$1000.00 Full/ $800.00 Pet


Tri Male #3 - Boss

Boss is the largest of the red tri males. He is very easy going and loves to snuggle. Boss has a stocky build and is such a good looking boy. I expect Boss to be a large toy.

$1000.00 Full/ $800 Pet




Roxy's Litter

Check out Roxy's " Foxy Roxy Herd About Texas" to view pedigree.

Tri Female #1 - Snickers

Snickers is a beautiful black tri female with 2 brown eyes. She is very friendly and will run and climb into your lap and smother you in sweet kisses. She is very easy going and loving. I expect she will be about 13 to 14 inches.


Tri Female #2 - Reece

Reece is a minimal white black tri with two brown eyes. She is smallest in this litter and I expect her to be medium to large toy. She has the thickest coat.  She is a little firecracker! Don't overlook this little girl.
$1,000.00 Full/ $800.00 Pet


Blue Merle Female - Truffle

Just look at this copper! Truffle is such pretty little girl with two blue eyes. I expect her to be a small mini.  She is curious and very playful. 


Blue Merle Male - Mr. Good

Mr. Good has it all, a nice stocky build with a blocky face and his color is out of this world and two blue eyes. He is super calm and loves his attention. Oh how I wish he were female. I expect him to be a small to medium mini. 

Mr Good is staying here and will be hitting the show ring as 

Carousel's Bodacious Beau "Bodie"


Red Merle Male - Hershey

Hershey is a super nice red merle with two blue eyes. Hershey has a personality that would win you over in minutes. He is curious and super playful but with a very laid back attitude.  I expect Hershey to be a large toy.
$1,200.00 Full/ $1,000.00 Pet



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All of our dogs are registered with ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry).