Now located in Liberty, Texas


Our aussie adventure started because of this litte man, who stole my heart the moment I looked into his sweet litte face. He is so loving and frendly to everyone he meets. My hopes are he passes his awesome temperment to his puppies We spent a lot of time and research finding our breeding stock.  We felt like temperment ranks right up there with conformation. We screen our adults for a great temperment, health, conformation and easy trainablitiy. We are looking forward to wonderful result from our efforts.




We will never be a large kennel. We only have a few dogs so we can give them the love and care they need. Our dogs are happy, fun loving, outgoing and easy to train. They want to be with you at all time and love to travel and are a part of our family. They are loyal, devoted and love to play! We're breeding to keep the good conformation and bone of the working aussie, but in a smaller mini package. 


Our dogs are intelligent and can be tough workers. They love to be with us and live to please us. We're raising puppies first of all for great companions and pets. They also excel in shows, agility, therapy dogs and even with their small size are excellent stock dogs.


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