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Now located in Liberty, Texas


Our Toy and Miniture Australian Shepherd adventure started because of Herd About Texas Wild Bill Hickok "Little Man". He stole my heart the moment I looked into his sweet little face. He is so loving and friendly to everyone he meets. He passes his awesome temperament on to his puppies. We spent a lot of time and research finding our breeding stock. We feel that temperament is as important as conformation in our Toy and Mini Aussies. We screen our adults for a great temperament, health, conformation and easy trainability.


Carousel Aussies - Herd About Texas Wild Bill Hickok - Black Tri Male Toy Australian Shepherd


Our dogs are happy, fun loving, outgoing and easy to train. They want to be with you at all time and love to travel and are a part of our family. They are loyal, devoted Aussies that love to play! We strive to keep the excellent conformation of the working Australian Shepherd in our Toy and Miniture Australan Shepherds.


Toy and Mini Australian Shepherds are intelligent, loyal companions that are versatile and easily trained. Aussies also excel in herding, agility, therapy dogs and are excellent stock dogs.


Carousel's Aussies Boo and Dahlia

 Carousel's Aussies Boo and Dahlia

Dahlia and Boo still winning Blue. Dahlia will very quickly tell you Boo is her show dog! Really and truly Boo handles better with Dahlia than anyone else. So I guess Boo agrees with Dahlia.