A nonrefundable deposit of $300.00 will hold the pup until he or she is old enough to go to his or her new home. The balance due has to be paid before the pup reaches eight weeks old, or when it can be delivered or picked up. We accept money orders and cashier checks please have the banks address on the check. And we accept money-grams through Wal-Mart. We also accept credit cards and payment through PayPal. If paying through PayPal, please add 3%, thank you. We accept cash only at time of pick up.



The puppies are weaned at six weeks old and have been eating Lifes Abundance since they were about four weeks old. We recommend feeding three to four times a day, by following the feeding guidelines on the bag. A small bag of food, vitamin samples, treats, health and vaccination schedule will accompany each puppy to his or her new home. You can purchase your puppy food at Life's Abundance Website to have it delivered to your door. This food is filled with vitamins, omega fatty oils along with probiotics and prebiotics. They also carry a full line of healthy product for your puppy and is made in small batches so it is always fresh. Lifes Abundance has never had a recall and that is hard to find nowadays.



To the best of my knowledge, said puppy/dog is in healthy and sound condition at the time of sale. Buyer has 72 hours from the time of delivery/pickup to have a vet check done on said puppy. Vet check must be done by a licensed veterinarian. Buyer is required to have a licensed veterinarian administer two more puppy vaccines to said puppy. Parvo and distemper vaccines must be given at two-four week intervals following the first vaccines that are given by breeder. If the buyer fails to have a Veterinarian check done within 72 hours or fails to continue vaccines as stated above, the parties agree that any guarantee will be considered null and void. Keep shot records from your Veterinarian. Along with yearly vaccinations being kept up, we require that your puppy is kept on Nuvet for 2 full years in order to extend the guarantee of your puppy to 2 years of age. Health guarantee does not include any parasite, internal or external as this is a treatable condition.